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After university, my students have become cabin attendants (CAs) at airlines in Japan including JAL, ZipAir, ANA, ANA Wings and Airdo. They have also joined international airlines such as Emirates, Air Asia X and Qatar Airways. Below you can see pictures of some of my ex-students, and listen to interviews about their work as CAs.

Benedikt - CA for Emirates

Benedikt Emirates 1a.jpg

SIMON:   Ok, thank you for this interview, Benedikt. I’d like to ask you a few questions. First, Question 1, please tell us about your airline.

BENEDIKT:   Yes, so Emirates is a pretty huge airline located in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. And we fly over, I think, 130 international destinations, only international, we don’t have domestic flights. And yeah, I think that’s pretty much it. It’s a pretty huge airline located in the Middle East.

SIMON:   Ok, and so Question 2, which routes do you fly?

BENEDIKT:   I fly, or we fly pretty much around the world. We fly to Africa, to Europe, to the US, to Asia as well. But mainly recently I fly mainly to Europe and the United States.

SIMON:   Ok. Question 3, which languages do you use for your job?

BENEDIKT:   So the company language is English. So whenever we communicate with our colleagues, we communicate in English. But it depends on the route where we’re flying to, but every time we have like a language requirement, so we need in each destination one language speaker, or more than one language speaker. For example, when you fly to Japan, we need six language speakers in one flight, so we have six Japanese crews in one flight. So, if that happens, we sometimes use Japanese as well.

SIMON:   I see, and Question 4, what’s the best thing about your job?

BENEDIKT:   So obviously because we can travel around the world, we have many opportunities to meet many people. Not only the people around the world in the destinations, but also the crews. You will meet so many people with many backgrounds with many experiences. So it’s a great opportunity to make a kinda establish your future, you think about your future maybe, and to get some inspiration from people. Yeah, that’s pretty much it, I think. The experience you will get, it’s a great opportunity I have.

SIMON:   Thank you, and the final Question number 5, what advice do you have for students?

BENEDIKT:   I would say, first of all enjoy the time as a student, but also communicate with many people, with many people as much as possible. It was also in my case, when I was in the college, I hang out with many friends I know. And I was always with them together taking the same classes. But if you have the time during the classes, like group discussions and whatever, and talking with strangers I would say, try to communicate with them as much as possible. Because if you are [Emirates cabin] crew, every single flight you have different crews, and you meet them for the first time, and they’re all from different countries. So establishing the way of communicating is very important. So yeah, I would say try to communicate with many people.

SIMON:   Great, thank you, thank you very much for that really good advice, and thank you for your time today for this interview.

BENEDIKT:   Thank you very much.

Nagisa - CA for Air Asia X

Nagisa Air Asia X 2a.jpg
Asia 2.jpg





“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

(Henry Ford)


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