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What is it?

  • This is a phonetic alphabet. A is "alpha", B is "bravo", C is "charlie", and so on. There are other phonetic alphabets, but the ICAO alphabet (shown below) is the most widely used.

Why is it used?

  • This alphabet helps people communicate clearly. It is used to spell names correctly on the radio or telephone. You can listen to the alphabet and some example names below.

ICAO Alphabet

A = Alfa
J = Juliett
S = Sierra
B = Bravo
K = Kilo
T = Tango
C = Charlie
L = Lima
U = Uniform
D = Delta
M = Mike
V = Victor
E = Echo
N = November
W = Whiskey
F = Foxtrot
O = Oscar
X = X-Ray
G = Golf
P = Papa
Y = Yankee
H = Hotel
Q = Quebec
Z = Zulu
I = India
R = Romeo
. = Stop


Use the aviation alphabet to answer the questions:

1. How do you spell your name?

2. How do you spell your city?

3. How do you spell your country?



“Human society, the world, man in his entirety is in the alphabet.”

(Victor Hugo, The Alps and Pyrenees)


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